Biography of Abraham Benjamin de Villiers

About The Article;

                                Hello everyone and first of all I am going to tell you that what this article is about and what you will be able to know after reading the article and then we are going to start the article after that very quickly. Like always it’s a biography of a legendary cricketer and this time the player we have chosen is Abraham Benjamin de Villiers. He must be one of your favorite players if you watch or play cricket.

In this article, we will know some basic information and facts about Abraham Benjamin de Villiers and then we will talk about his life from childhood and then we will present you some of his astonishing cricket records because if we start writing his complete records I don’t know the list will take how many hours. You are going to enjoy this article and if you are struggling in your life and making some efforts then this is a real motivation for you. Let’s start this off with some facts and info about ABD.


Biography of Abraham Benjamin de Villiers

General Info about Ab de Villiers;

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers commonly known as De Villiers or sometimes just with ABD is a South African cricketer who has announced his retirement in recent years from international cricket but still he is playing in leagues and on other cricket platforms. His jersey number is 17. He is a right-handed batsman. He is 36 years old and he was born on 17 February 1984 in Warmbad, Transvaal Province, South Africa.

He has played in various batting positions but generally, he plays in the middle order. He is known as one of the destructive batsmen of this era. He is especially known for his shots behind the keeper. He is also called Mr. 360 because of his abilities in playing in every part of the ground.

He has played in many leagues in the world and has represented a lot of teams like in IPL he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore and in PSL he played for Lahore Qalandars. He has also played for Barbados Tridents and in the South African league he played for Tshwane Spartans and he has also played for Middlesex.

Early Life of AB De Villiers;

                                            As mentioned earlier he was born in Warmband South Africa. He has enjoyed his life in his childhood life. He was the son of a doctor who was interested in Rugby Union himself and he has great role for motivating his son to play sports. He studied with his captain of South Africa Faf Duplesis since his childhood at Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool in Pretoria.

Cricket Career of Ab de Villiers;

Devilliers was 20 years old when he started his cricket carrier debt. He made his debut against England on 16 December 2004 at Port Elizabeth in a test match. Soon from the start he opened the innings for South Africa and had been seen behind the wickets. Although later he played in the middle order and the keeper was changed after the arrival of Quinton de cock.

Devilliers was extraordinary since the start of his career with South Africa but he especially gained popularity and came in the eye of the world on 4 April 2008 when they were playing against India and he made a record-breaking inning of 217 runs. He has won many matches throughout his career with his match-wining formats with all types of formats in crickets. He is just one of the complete cricketers in the world because he can play in different positions and he can bowl also but part-time. He is also an excellent wicket-keeper and a fielder at every position and if we look at his skills with the bat the records speak themselves. He is my favorite player and also one of the best in the history of cricket.

Biography of Abraham Benjamin de

Record-Breaking Year;

  • Although his complete career is record breaking but 2015 was one of the best years of his cricket. Although he made his debut as a Test batsman he proved to be very disastrous. He broke the record of fastest fifty and fastest century that year against West Indies. In the 2015 world cup, he gave mind-blowing performances with his bat. His batting average was 96.0 with a strike rate of 144 and that was just extraordinary.
  • Abraham Benjamin de Villiers kept giving extraordinary performances in 2016, 17, and 2018. His career is just a reflection of his greatness. Although he was performing very well and is still a disastrous batsman even in 2020 suddenly he announced his retirement in 2018 with a video message from Twitter. He later said that he will keep playing cricket in the league for some more years. The reason he gave for his retirement was I had my turn and to be honest I’m tired also. Rumors were also there that he is in talks and will come back in the 2020 world cup.

Interesting Info about Ab Devilliers;

                                                               First, let me tell you that Ab Devilliers is not only extraordinary in cricket he is also good in many other things. It is said that he is also an excellent player of Golf, Badminton, and Hockey and According to some sports when he selected cricket as his career his skills and abilities of hockey were much better if compared with Cricket. Besides these, he can also sing well, and in when he was studying he also got an award from President Nelson Mandela on a science project.

He loves to watch football and his favorite football club is Manchester United. His favorite actress is Kate Beckinsale and his favorite wine is Red Wine. Favorite food is Pasta Sea Food and his favorite film is Gladiator a River Runs through It. His favorite Athletes are Roger Federer Tennis player and Tiger Woods a Golf player. His favorite cricket batsman is Virat Kohli and the favorite bowler is Waseem Akram and the favorite fielder is Jonty Roades.

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